Brandy Norwood Husband, Married, Kids, Net Worth

Brandy Norwood Husband, Married, Kids, Net Worth
(Credit: Brandy Norwood/ Instagram)

The Grammy Award-winning singer and actress Brandy Norwood has always been in the limelight whether it’s because of her prolific career or because of her relationship, link-ups, and break-ups.

Her career and personal life have never been concealed from the public ever since she began her professional life in the 1990s.

But does Brandy Norwood have a husband? Let’s find out about her relationship status, kids, and many more here.

Is Brandy Norwood Married?

Brandy Norwood was believed to be married in the early 2000s when she opened up about her private wedding with the American record producer and musician, Robert “Big Bert” Smith while making an appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Brandy, who was 23 years old at that time, confirmed the rumors of her pregnancy and opened up that she had got married to Big Bert secretly in the summer of 2001.

However, Brandy refused to reveal her wedding date stating that she promised her husband to never share the wedding date publicly.

But in 2004, Big Bert made a shocking reveal stating that he was never legally married to Brandy and their divorce was not real.

Previously, when the news of their divorce came to light, Brandy had revealed that she wasn’t in love with Big Bert and their divorce wasn’t tough for her.

Brandy Norwood Daughter

Later, fans could relate to why Brandy had said that their divorce wasn’t tough for her after Big Bert revealed all the details regarding their relationship.

According to him, they created the “marriage story” to preserve Brandy’s image as she thought that being pregnant out of wedlock would destroy her career.

Big Bert also revealed that he was seeing someone else at that time.

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However, he stayed committed to the emotional and financial responsibilities to Sy’Rai, their daughter with whom Brandy was pregnant when she appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Brandy and Big Bert were seen together on the MTV reality series “Brandy: Special Delivery,” which documented Brandy’s pregnancy journey and the birth of their daughter “Sy’Rai Iman Smith.”

Meanwhile, Brandy was engaged to NBA guard Quentin Richardson in July 2004. However, the couple parted ways after a 14-month engagement.

Brandy’s fans were excited to see her getting married and living her best life with her husband when she got engaged to music executive Ryan Press at the end of 2012.

However, her relationship with Ryan also could not lead to marriage as they broke up in April 2014.

Brandy Norwood Partner

Ever since Brandy called off her engagement with Ryan Press in 2014, she has opted to keep her dating life private.

Brandy has shrouded her personal life in such a way that there is no evidence of her having a partner or a boyfriend.

Likewise, Brandy hasn’t shared any posts related to her love life on social media.

Due to the lack of information on Brandy Norwood’s relationship, some assume her to be dating secretly while some assume that she is single.

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Does Brandy Norwood Have Kids?

As for Brandy Norwood’s children, she has a daughter named Sy’Rai Iman Smith born in June 2002.

Sy’Rai is frequently seen on her mom’s Instagram handle and is also working to make a name for herself as a singer.

Brandy and her daughter Sy’Rai released a duet “Nothing Without You” in March 2022.

Sy’Rai is currently working on her debut EP. Earlier this year (in April 2023), Sy’Rai confirmed that her mom Brandy will be the vocal and executive producer of her debut EP.

Brandy Norwood’s Net Worth

Brandy has been relishing a prolific career which has bestowed her both fame and fortune.

As for Brandy Norwood’s earnings, her net worth in 2023 is estimated to be more than $12 million.

Recently, Brandy was seen in the Netflix Christmas comedy film “Best. Christmas. Ever.” As Jackie Jennings.

She will also be seen in the psychological horror film The Front Room in 2024.