CNBC Leslie Picker Married Life, Husband, Children, Net Worth

  • Jul 26, 2021

Leslie, who is based at CNBC Global Headquarters, has interviewed some of the most prominent investors. You might have seen Leslie on television and digital platforms so you might be aware of her professional career.

CNBC Brian Sullivan Married Life With Wife|Family, Children, Net Worth

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Revered as the voice in the business world, Brian Sullivan is an American journalist with over 25 years of experience as a broadcast and business journalist. He is the Award-winning and Emmy nominated CNBC anchor popular for anchoring Worldwide Exchange (Monday-Fr

CNBC Kate Rooney Bio, Age, Husband, Married, Net Worth

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Kate Rooney is an American journalist currently working for CNBC as its Technology Reporter. Kate has been associated with the network since joining in 2015 as a news associate.

Is Seema Mody Married? Husband, Net Worth

  • Jul 23, 2021

Seema Mody is an American journalist with a broad knowledge of foreign policy. She is a global markets reporter and host for CNBC. Seema is known for hosting Squawk Alley’s daily segment “European Close.” In addition to that, she covers the industrial and travel i

Is Bob Pisani Married? Wife, Partner, Net Worth & More

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Bob Pisani is an American journalist who is popular as the CNBC correspondent. Bob has been covering the real estate industry and corporate management for the network for more than three decades.