What Is ABC Denis Phillips Net Worth? Insight Into His Salary & Earnings

What Is ABC Denis Phillips Net Worth? Insight Into His Salary & Earnings
(Credit: Denis Phillips/Instagram)

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As Hurricane Ian grabs our attention, it's likely that we're relying on a specific local meteorologist for the most recent information, often referred to as the meteorologist known for wearing suspenders and following "Rule No 7."

Meteorologist Denis Phillips is a household name around hurricane season in Tampa Bay for his expertise and trusted presence particularly due to his famous Rule No. 7:

 “Stop freaking out … until I tell you to. We’re fine.”

How Much Is Denis Phillips Salary?

ABC Action News chief meteorologist Denis Phillips cared about getting the weather right in his first 10 to 15 years as a meteorologist. Later when he got married and had a wife and kids, he realized that his job extended beyond simply forecasting the weather accurately. 

He understood that his job was crucial in equipping his community with the necessary resources to endure and survive severe weather conditions.

The weatherman sparked his interest in becoming a meteorologist at the age of 6 when he saw Santa on the radar.

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Talking about Denis Phillips salary, the average salary received by the Tampa Bay area meteorologist is around  $95,775 as per Salary.com. 

Similarly, as per Glassdoor, the annual average salary of an ABC news meteorologist lies in the range of about $1000,612- $108,619.

Denis Phillips Net Worth

Working as a chief meteorologist for WFTS-TV for nearly 29 years since 1994 Denis may have amassed a good fortune until now. 

While the exact net worth of the Penn State University graduate weatherman Denis Phillips is kept inside a box many wiki sites suggest that his net worth may range between $1 million to $5 million. 

Moreover, it's important to note that meteorologists' salaries can vary based on various factors, including their position, skills, years of experience in the field, and other relevant factors.

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Denis Phillips graduated from Penn State University in 1985 and quickly secured his first on-air position in Salisbury, Maryland. 

Following that, he made stops in Gainesville, Providence, and Los Angeles, gaining experience and further honing his skills as a meteorologist. Eventually, Denis found his way to Tampa, where he settled and established his career.