Is Buying Beverly Hills Adam Rosenfeld Married? Girlfriend, Net Worth

Is Buying Beverly Hills Adam Rosenfeld Married? Girlfriend, Net Worth
(Credit: Adam Rosenfeld/ Instagram)

Adam Rosenfeld has years of experience in real estate with his expertise in high-end development.

His impressive skills as a realtor, eye for architecture and design, and ability to effectively advise clients on investment have helped him to earn a notable sale volume of over 3 billion dollars.

Adam is one of the distinguished leaders in the real estate industry who has won several awards and accolades for his work.

His television appearance as one of the cast members of Netflix’s Buying Beverly Hills has garnered him more fame and has made him popular even outside the real estate industry.

Adam Rosenfeld Wife

Adam’s rising fame as a real estate personage and a television personality has gained people’s interest in his personal life.

Garnering people’s interest in one’s relationship status when you are in the public domain is not ignorable.

Similarly, Buying Beverly Hills viewers and others who know Adam have been curious whether he has been married or not.

Well, Adam is not married and he doesn’t have a wife, as of March 2024.

Is Adam Rosenfeld Dating?

People’s interest in Adam Rosenfeld’s wedding and married life doesn’t conclude here.

Since the realtor has not been married, people have been curious whether he has someone special in his life who could be his possible future wife.

Despite public scrutiny of his relationship status, Adam has never opened up about his dating life and possible partner.

His Instagram handle shows his love for his chihuahua named Sophia. He even has a story highlight for her with the title “Daddy’s Girl.”

Sophia, who is the love of his life, is often seen on his Instagram. However, Adam has never shared any posts related to his partner.

Adam once ended up in a love triangle with Sophia and Melissa.

The trio were at a club once where Sophia and Melissa both seemingly flirted with Adam.

He reportedly bought Sophia drinks and she kissed him on the cheek. Adam later spent the whole night chatting with Melissa in the corner.

He later cleared the misunderstanding with Farrah as the ladies involved were Farrah’s sister Sophia and BBF Melissa.

He said that Sophia is his boss’s daughter and he has a great friend vibe with Melissa.

He continued that he got a chance to sit with her to chat and he genuinely felt that they could be very good friends.

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Adam Rosenfeld's Net Worth

Adam has a successful career in real estate being able to earn a remarkable career sales volume of over 3 billion dollars.

The exact value of his net worth is not yet known but it is estimated to be more than $8 million in 2024.

Adam has worked with a diverse range of clients like high-profile celebrities, entrepreneurs, and world-class real estate developers.

He is the founder and a Principal of Grauman + Rosenfeld. He is also a Director of The Agency.

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Adam Rosenfeld Education

Adam almost went to a medical school but life had other plans for him.

In a YouTube video, Adam said that he went to college and went to law school after graduation and again went back to school.

He attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and earned his Bachelor’s degree. Adam has a JD from Florida International University’s College of Law in Miami.

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