Is Lorenzo Leclerc Half-Brother of Charles Leclerc?

Is Lorenzo Leclerc Half-Brother of Charles Leclerc?
Lorenzo Leclerc with his girlfriend Charlotte Di Pietro (Credit: Lorenzo Leclerc/ Instagram)

As Charles Leclerc has been making headlines as the winner of the season at the Monaco Grand Prix 2024, his family and girlfriend have garnered huge public interest.

Similarly, his fans have been curious about his relationship with his brothers.

Currently, there are many queries on Lorenzo Leclerc’s half-brother on the internet as many believe that Lorenzo and Charles have different last names.

Let us help you to find out the truth behind Lorenzo and Charles' relationship.

Is Lorenzo Leclerc Charles Leclerc’s Half-Brother?

A Tumbler user once asked about Lorenzo’s relationship with his brother because of his last name Tolotta-Leclerc.

Like him, there are many fans who are curious about where Tolotta came from in Lorenzo’s last name.

Some even asked whether it was his mom’s maiden name.

However, another Tumbler user said that it is because Lorenzo is Charles and Arthur’s half-brother; they have the same mother but different fathers.

The user said,

“I think Tolotta is the name of his father, not Pascale’s maiden name. When Pascale’s get married she takes Leclerc name, like many women. And Lorenzo get the same, without removing the name of his father, to not reject the other side of his family, I guess.”

The user continued,

“This is very common in France, or Monaco in this case, not to say Europe. When parents divorce or separate and decide to remarry they add the new name, to the child, that their mother or father has now. Especially if they get along well and perhaps, even better integrate the child to his new family.”

Charles’ bio states that he is the middle child of Hervé Leclerc and Pascale Leclerc. No one from the Leclerc family has commented anything related to the rumors regarding Lorenzo being the half-brother.

So, the confusion still exists but it is a fact that all three Leclerc brothers were born to Pascale Leclerc.

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Lorenzo Leclerc Job

Lorenzo is different from his younger brothers when it comes to his professional background.

Unlike his brothers Charles and Arthur, he is not a racer but a businessman.

Lorenzo graduated from Reims Management School (now NEOMA Business School) in France and then started a career in business.

He is the Managing Director of Square Capital (Monaco) and the Co-founder and CEO of All-TIME. It is a brand that provides service to sports athletes.

Lorenzo Leclerc's Net Worth

Lorenzo Leclerc might be earning a decent net worth from his career. However, the exact value of Lorenzo’s net worth in 2024 is not yet known.

As for his brother Charles Leclerc’s net worth, it is estimated to be around $125 million.

Lorenzo Leclerc Girlfriend

You might be wondering about Lorenzo Leclerc’s relationship status.

Lorenzo is currently dating Charlotte Di Pietro. His girlfriend Charlotte is a Dentist.

The duo has been very vocal about their relationship and is often seen posting each other on Instagram.

They began dating in February 2023 and celebrated their 1st anniversary in February 2024.

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