Is Mychal Threets Married? Wife, Girlfriend

Is Mychal Threets Married? Wife, Girlfriend
(Credit: Mychal Threets/ Instagram)

Mychal Threets is a librarian who has been spreading library love on TikTok and Instagram.

He has garnered fame by sharing enthusiastic videos on the library, books, his interactions, and the things he witnessed while working in the library.

Mychal, whose Instagram bio reads, “Having fun isn’t hard, when you’ve got a library card” is working at the Fairfield Civic Center Library as a supervising librarian.

Mychal Threets Wife

Mychal wants everyone to experience ‘Library Joy’ and while sharing his upbeat take on libraries on social media, he has become popular on TikTok and Instagram.

He has shown that the public library is as joy-inspiring as it is welcoming. However, he has never given any hint about his marital status on social media.

Mychal Threets doesn’t seem to be married, as of writing. Likewise, he doesn’t have a wife.

Is Mychal Threets Dating?

Mychal Threets’ relationship status has intrigued most of his fans making them wonder about Mychal Threets' girlfriend and Mychal Threets' partner.

However, Mychal has opted to keep his dating life secluded. Despite being active on social media, Mychal has never opened up about his possible girlfriend and dating life.

Mychal Threets Mother

Nevertheless, his love for books and libraries is evident in each post that he shares online.

It would not be wrong if we believe that books are Mychal’s first love and library is the place where Mychal likes spending most of his time.

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Mychal Threets Parents

Mychal discovered his love for reading books when he received his first library card at the age of five.

He made extensive use of the facilities of his neighborhood library when his mom homeschooled him for most of his elementary education.

His mother’s name is Tessa Banuelos Threets. Likewise, his father’s name is Arnold Threets.

Mychal’s parents reportedly got married in 1987 in Hawaii.

Mychal has occasionally shared pictures with his mom on social media. The Threets family celebrates the birthday of Mother Threets on February 14.

On 14th February 2023, Mychal celebrated both Valentine’s Day and his mom’s birthday with his mom Tessa.

Mychal Threets’ birthday is on February 13. He was born in 1990 so his age as of 2024 is 34.

As for Mychal's siblings, he has a younger brother named Jonathan.

You can follow Mychal Threets on Facebook and on Instagram where he has over 721K followers, as of writing.

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Mychal Threets Is Resigning!

On February 22, 2024, Mychal shared a video of him opening up about his mental health struggles.

Mychal acknowledged that he has been struggling with “anxiety, PTSD, depression, panic disorder and nightmare disorder.”

He said that he is on the struggle bus with anyone struggling with mental health issues and further said that anyone watching the video is not alone in their struggles.

He again shared another video stating that he is resigning from his position at the Solano County Public Library to prioritize his mental health.

He thanked the Solano County Library for raising him as a homeschooled library kid. The library has been a place where he always felt safe and where he belongs.

Although Mychal will be resigning from his position as a librarian, he will not be completely out of the spotlight.

According to his video, he will be fighting for literacy by going before Congress. Mychal will be advocating for library funding throughout the country.