Who Are Love Island Nicole Samuel's Parents?

Who Are Love Island Nicole Samuel's Parents?
Nicole Samuel with her parents (Credit: Kelly Samuel/Instagram)

Nicole Samuel is the youngest cast member of season 11 of Love Island UK and believes that it is her time to settle down.

Nicole, who has described herself as a “wild” girl, hopes to find a perfect partner in the show. She says that the guy must be “tall, dark and handsome” and a rugby player to be her type.

Before garnering fame as a Love Island contestant, Nicole was a world champion dancer in 2011. A former professional street dancer Nicole is now getting fame as a reality show contestant.

Her fame has also grabbed viewers' interest in her family life. In this regard, here is all that we know about Nicole Samuel’s family.

Nicole Samuel Dad

Nicole is loud and proud about working with her dad in his business.

She has not revealed the nature of the business that her dad is involved in but she works as an account manager for her dad’s business.

She has revealed in her intro video that she is an account manager for a family-run business and all the guys in the work are wrapped around her finger.

Nicole, age 24, says that working for her family is her dream job and it has paid her well.

She said,

"They do exactly what I want them to do. Dad just leaves me to it. He's just over it now, half the time I'm gallivanting to different countries. He's like, are you going to work today? I'll be like, no. I'm in Marbella! "

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Nicole Samuel Mom

Nicole Samuel’s mother’s name is believed to be Kelly Samuel. Kelly is on Instagram with the username @kellysamuel666 where she has shared many pictures with Nicole.

In one of the pictures shared by Kelly on Instagram in April 2022, an Instagram user said that they look like sisters, not like mother and daughter.

Kelly has also shared many pictures with her husband and Nicole on her Instagram handle.

Nicole went to Turkey with her parents in August 2022.

Nicole Samuel Siblings

Nicole seems to have a younger brother named Cameron Samuel.

Cameron is frequently seen on Kelly’s Instagram posts. Back in May 2017, Kelly shared a picture with her husband and son saying that she was “super proud mammy tonight.”

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