Is Rolando Romero Married? Wife, Daughter, Parents

Is Rolando Romero Married? Wife, Daughter, Parents
(Credit: Rolando Romero/ Instagram)

The American professional boxer Rolando Romero is known as Rolly Romero in the squared circle.

He is the former WBA super lightweight title holder from 2023 to March 2024.

Rolando made his professional debut in 2016 and his career and progression are pretty much like an open book.

However, Rolando Romero’s relationship status is kind of a mystery. Let us help you to solve some mystery regarding his personal life.

Rolando Romero Wife

The 29-year-old boxer Rolando Romero has never been married.

Since Rolly has never tied the wedding knot, he doesn’t have a wife.

Rolando Romero Girlfriend

Rolando has been in a couple of relationships in the past. However, he has always shrouded his dating life with secrecy.

Despite maintaining privacy in his relationship, Rolando was often found tweeting about his girlfriend.

He never revealed the name of his romantic partner but made humorous posts related to his dating life.

Back in 2017, Rolando tweeted “I don't know why all my girlfriends think I'm cheating on them.”

Later in 2021, he shared a post from an account that no longer exists writing that he need a girlfriend like that.

Rolando has not revealed his current relationship status but he does have opened up about his desire to start a family.

He tweeted in June 2022 writing that he has been wanting to start a family.

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Rolando Romero Children

While Rolando has been reluctant to open up about his partner and whether he is dating someone right now or not, he has been vocal about his daughter.

Talking about Rolando Romero’s kids, he has a daughter named Devin.

Rolando Romero Daughter

Devin is often seen with her dad on his match days and public events.

Rolando has not opened up about Devin’s mom and it is not clear whether Rolando and his baby mama are still together or not.

Family: Parents And Siblings

Rolando comes from an athletic family where his dad is a former boxer.

His father’s name is Rolando Romero Sr. who was a professional boxer in Cuba. He has been a three-time national champion and has assisted head trainer Cromwell Gordon Bullet.

Rolando’s mother’s name is believed to be Angelica Longoria.

He has a sister named Angelica Romero who is a retired judo player. Angelica has been a seven-time national champion.

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Rolando Romero's Net Worth

With more than 7 years as a professional boxer, Rolando has garnered both fame and fortune from his career.

His net worth as of 2024 is estimated to be more than $4 million.

Rolando has earned a prominent part of his net worth as a professional boxer. He has also earned some money through sponsorships and ads.