Mark Spitz's Wife Suzy Weiner Age, Job, Kids, Net Worth

Mark Spitz's Wife Suzy Weiner Age, Job, Kids, Net Worth
(Credit: Mark Spitz/ Instagram)

Suzy Weiner is known to be the wife of former American competitive swimmer, Mark Spitz.

Her husband Mark was the most successful competitor at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich. He won seven gold medals each in world record time.

Mark has a prolific career as a swimmer because of which his married life with his wife Suzy always garnered media attention.

Mark was just 22 years old when he retired from his profession but even after that, he has been in the limelight whether it is because of his professional background or his film and television career.

His wife Suzy is also a model and actress but she is best known as the wife of Mark Spitz.

In this article, let us help you to find out more about Suzy Weiner, her age, job, net worth, and more.

Who Is Mark Spitz’s Wife Suzy Weiner?

Suzy Weiner is a former model and actress who has grabbed huge public interest because of her marital relationship with Mark Spitz.

Suzy Weiner’s real name is Susan Weiner. She was born in 1952, which makes her age 72 in 2024.

In an article published by People Magazine on July 8, 1974, Suzy’s age was said to be 22.

Mark was introduced to Suzy by an industry salesman because both of their fathers were in the scrap business.

After seeing Suzy’s picture, Mark called her dad and said that he has got a beautiful daughter.

Later, they met on a blind date where there was an instant connection.

Suzy read that Mark was an arrogant man but when they met, she found him very loveable and shy.

During that time, Suzy was attending UCLA so she dropped out of the university at the time of their wedding.

Mark and Suzy got married in a traditional Jewish wedding at the Beverly Hills Hotel on May 6, 1973.

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Suzy Weiner’s Job

Suzy worked as a part-time model during the initial phase of her career.

She also appeared in commercials for Bank Americard, 7-Up, and Schick Razors.

Suzy often accompanied her husband Mark during his work.

Mark was even asked about Suzy’s interest in pursuing an acting career of her own to which he replied that he didn't think that Suzy would do anything that would conflict with him.

Mark has appeared as a dentist on a Bob Hope special, on TV’s The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, and on The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour.

He was also seen in the TV drama Emergency as Pete Barlow where Suzy played his on-screen wife.

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Does Mark Spitz Have A Family?

Yes, Mark Spitz has a family with his wife Suzy. Mark and Suzy, who have now been married for five decades, are parents of two kids.

They have two sons named Matthew and Justin. Matthew is their eldest child born in October 1981 while their youngest son Justin was born in September 1991.

Justin, who had been inspired by his dad’s swimming career, was a member of the Stanford swim team.

Currently, Mark resides in Los Angeles, California with his wife Suzy.

If you want to see Mark Spitz’s wife photo with their son then you can click here.

Suzy Weiner's Net Worth

Suzy Weiner has lived a pretty private life despite her husband’s fame as a former competitive swimmer.

She might have earned a decent net worth when she worked as a model and actor.

Suzy has also been relishing her husband Mark Spitz’s net worth, which is estimated to be around $20 million in 2024.

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