CBS Erin Moriarty Husband, Children, Parents, Net Worth

CBS Erin Moriarty Husband, Children, Parents, Net Worth
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The American lawyer and journalist Erin Moriarty has been working at CBS News for more than three decades now.

In between these years, she has covered many true-crime stories.

She is best known for reporting 48 Hours and hosting a true-crime podcast “My Life of Crime.”

Behind the screen, Erin is relishing a blissful family life. In this regard, let us help you to find out more about her relationship status and children.           

Is CBS News Erin Moriarty Married?

Erin Moriarty is a regular face on CBS News and is best known for her work in 48 hours so, her professional career as a journalist is like an open book.

However, many of you might not be acquainted with Erin Moriarty’s marital status as she is not found talking about her married life and husband quite often.

If you are wondering whether Erin Moriarty is still married or not then the answer to that question would be a yes.

It’s not clear when Erin tied the wedding knot but she is still married to her long-time husband.

Erin Moriarty’s husband’s name is Jim Musuraca.

Her husband Jim is said to be a lawyer like her. Jim was also a linebacker at Notre Dame for two seasons.

Jim also played football for the Potters as one of the three brothers.

Erin and Jim have been keeping their married life private, which has made people curious about whether they are still together or they have already had a divorce.

Amidst the separation rumors, Erin seems to have a strong relationship with her husband and they are still married, as of March 2024.

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Does Erin Moriarty Have Kids?

Yes, Erin has a child with her husband Jim.

The couple are parents of a son named Nicholas Musurca.

Erin’s career as a crime reporter has shaped the life of her son Nicholas as a filmmaker.

Erin Moriarty Family Picture

Nicholas, who grew up on tales of eerie crime scenes, abducted children, and serial killers, is now a writer, producer, and editor with a specialty in horror films.

According to his IMDb, he is known for his works in Bite Size Halloween (2020), Helicopters Land on the Pan-Am Building (2009), and ABCs of Death 2 (2014).

Back in 2019, Erin and her son opened up about how Erin’s job as a crime reporter affected their life; especially Nick’s life.

Nick said,

"It would seem ridiculous to deny it. It seems like an obvious connection. I mean — my mother would come home — and we'd be eating dinner and she would say to us, 'Hey, who wants to hear about JonBenet Ramsey?'" 

Nick even revealed that a serial killer named BTK sent an artwork to his mother at their house because she had given him their home address.

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Who Are Erin Moriarty’s Parents?

Erin Moriarty has always kept her personal life private and hasn’t revealed much about her early life.

The names of Erin Moriarty’s parents are not yet known. Likewise, it’s not clear whether Erin has any siblings or not.

Erin was born in the year 1952 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her birthday is on April 6, which makes her current age 71.

Erin’s zodiac sign is Aries.

Salary And Net Worth

With over three decades of journalism experience, Erin has received a decent salary as a CBS News journalist.

According to Glassdoor, the salary of a journalist at CBS News ranges from $40k- $67k annually depending on various factors.

The base salary of a reporter at CBS News is estimated to be around $52k per year.

Erin Moriarty’s yearly salary is estimated to be more than the base salary.

Likewise, her net worth in 2024 is estimated to be more than $3 million. She has also assembled some net worth as a lawyer.

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