CNN Maribel Aber Husband, Children, Family, Net Worth

CNN Maribel Aber Husband, Children, Family, Net Worth
Maribel Aber and Christopher Thompson (Credit: Maribel Aber/ Instagram)

The CNN correspondent Maribel Aber has been associated with the network for more than a decade.

She is known as a business correspondent for CNN Newsource. Likewise, Maribel is known for hosting Money Matters with Maribel Aber.

Maribel is frequently seen on Weekend Express, Morning Express with Robin Meade and On the Story with Lynn Smith.

Is CNN Maribel Aber Still Married?

Maribel’s career as a CNN correspondent is like an open book. However, her personal life is still a mystery to many.

Maribel was believed to be married in the past. According to some online news portals, she was married to former Senior Vice President and General Counsel to NASDAQ, Robert E. Aber.

However, Maribel’s social media posts suggest that she is in a relationship with a guy named Christopher Thompson.

It’s not clear how long Maribel was married to Robert but it is clear that they are not married now.

Maribel Aber Partner

Maribel is currently dating Christopher. Her boyfriend Christopher is a private person and hasn’t revealed anything related to his professional background.

Likewise, Maribel hasn’t revealed anything related to her current partner and since when they began dating.

According to Maribel’s Instagram, she has been sharing pictures with Christopher since 2022.

He was seen in Maribel’s family picture that they took on her mom’s 1st death anniversary.

Since then, Maribel has shared pictures with her partner Christopher on several occasions.

Recently, she shared a beautiful picture with her partner from Times Square on New Year’s Day in 2024.

Likewise, she shared a picture with Christopher on Christmas in 2023 on Instagram and wished everyone “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.”

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Maribel Aber Kids

Talking about Maribel Aber’s children, she doesn’t have any.

She does have a dog in her family. However, she doesn’t have any kids from her previous relationship.

Likewise, Maribel doesn’t have a child with her current partner Christopher.

Maribel Aber Parents

Maribel was born to Filipino parents. Her father’s name is Armando and her mother’s name is Lourdes Alacbay.

Her mom passed away in July 2021.

Maribel has never hesitated to talk about her family life on social media.

Maribel Aber Family Picture

Her dad was in the Navy so whenever her dad came back from the tour, she apparently called him uncle because she didn’t recognize him.

Maribel was just 2 years old when she mistook her dad for her uncle.

As for her siblings, she has a younger brother.

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Maribel Aber's Salary And Net Worth

According to Glassdoor, the total pay range of a CNN correspondent is estimated to be in the range of $55k - $96k.

The annual base salary of a correspondent is estimated to be around $68k.

They receive an additional bonus of around $4k per year.

Maribel has been receiving a wonderful salary as a CNN correspondent since joining the network in February 2012.

As for Maribel Aber’s net worth, it is estimated to be around $1.5 million in 2024.

Previously, she worked as the host of BrianFuel TV. She was a business anchor at M&A.TV.

Maribel Aber Education

She attended the University of Virginia and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Foreign Affairs in 1995.

Later, she enrolled at New York Law School.

Talking about Maribel Aber’s age, she is believed to be in her 40s.

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