Is David Choe Married? (Updated) Wife, Girlfriend, Parents, Net Worth

Is David Choe Married? (Updated) Wife, Girlfriend, Parents, Net Worth
David Choe (Credit: David Choe/ Instagram)

Known for his raw and dirty style of painting, David Choe is an amazing painter and mural artist.

Imagining the best and spilling on the walls, David’s artistic style is just as interesting as his life.

In this regard, let us help you to find more about him in the content below.

Family: Parents

David Choe was born on April 21, 1976 (age 46 as of 2023), in California, USA.

His parents are Korean immigrants and the family spent a lot of time in Koreatown, LA where his interest in spray painting was ignited and he began the work in his teenage life.

David attended California College of the Arts.

The Christian family believes in themselves as the children of god and they worship Jesus Christ. 

David Choe Wife: Is He Married In 2024?

The imaginative genius is private when it comes to sharing his personal life and is not publicly dating or married.

He has struggled with addiction and has not been monogamous in the past, as revealed in his podcast and documentary show, The Choe Show.

It appears that his lifestyle does not align with the idea of "finding the one."

The same case of his life is shared in his documentary show as well called The Choe Show. Let's hope he finds a partner soon if he has not.

Similarly, David was once linked with a woman named Mylan.

Mylan was his girlfriend who was an essential part of his life back in Japan in 2005 when he went to jail for more than 3 months.

He came as a changed man after his imprisonment.

Mylan has always been low to the public, the artist also never revealed if they have already parted ways or she has been his wife or not.

Does David Choe Have Kids?

Yes, David has two children.

However, the names of his kids and their gender are not yet known. Likewise, there is no information on the mother of David Choe’s kids.

David is relatively private about his love life now but he has revealed that he slept with multiple partners in the past.

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Why Did David Choe Go To Jail?

In 2005, David punched a Japanese security guard at an art show where he was portraying his work.

Going back to 2014, on his DVDASA podcast, Choe commented that he has been engaged in “rapey behavior”.

However, he later defended his comments by saying the podcast was fiction and he had never been in such inhumane activity ever and apologized for his podcast comment. 

David Choe in DVDASA Podcast

Man With a Good Heart

David has dedicated his amazing work arts to charity and has supported a lot of foundations for their cause.

He has raised funds for Haiti, painting with the children of The LIDE Haiti Foundation, and painting with children of South Central LA at APCH. 

David Choe Career

The artist David Choe self-published a graphic novel called Slow Jams in 1996 with only 200 copies which he gave away at Comic-Con in 1998, hoping to attract a publisher.

He submitted it for the Xeric Grant in 1999 and received $5,000 to self-publish an expanded second edition of 1,000, which was released the same year for $4.

David Choe in His Natural Habitat, Colors

In the year 2008, David collaborated with Harry Kim to create Dirty Hands: The Art and Crimes of David Choe, an autobiographical documentary.

He received mural commissions from Heidi Fleiss and the founders of Facebook.

And after several solo shows in San Francisco and San Jose, he was invited to exhibit at the Santa Rosa Museum of Contemporary Art in 2005.

He held his first solo exhibit in New York called "Gardeners of Eden" in 2007 at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in Chelsea.

Choe also had his first UK solo exhibition, "Murderous Heart," in both the London and Newcastle locations of Lazarides Gallery simultaneously in 2008.

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David Choe's Net Worth

Do you know how David Choe is rich?

Back in 2005 when he was able to catch the ex-president of Facebook, Sean Parker.

Parker called him to paint murals on the walls of the Facebook building and when it came to taking his fees, he was paid in Facebook stocks.

Now the amount of stocks he owns is worth more than $300 million, and his art career also helps him make a good amount of money.

Additionally, David has played in a lot of movies to make a tremendous amount of money. 

David Choe Posing With Sunflower

Now you might have got the answer to the question “Why is David Choe so rich?”

Physical Appearance

According to Wiki sources, David Choe has a height of 5 feet 8 inches and he has a sharp Asian look.

He loves keeping a bushy thick beard and has black hair. His physique is popularly termed the body shape called “dad bod”.

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