Is Franco Lo Presti Married? Wife, Parents, Family, Net Worth

Is Franco Lo Presti Married? Wife, Parents, Family, Net Worth
(Credit: Franco Lo Presti/Instagram)

Athlete turned actor Franco Lo Presti was always adamant since his childhood days to be a professional athlete, a soccer player, but his career-ending injury at the age of 26 led him to pursue his other passion which is acting.

As of 2022, the actor has laid his charms to the audiences as Jackson Flynt in the new Hallmark film “14 Love Letters.” So, who is the rising actor Franco Lo Presti? Read the article till the end and find answers to all your queries about him.

Is Franco Lo Presti Married?

14 love letters’ actor Franco Lo Presti is not married and doesn't have a wife. However, he is not single too.

During the Rapid Fire round with Hallmark Happennings Podcast of 4th August 2022, when Franco was asked whether there is a place that he would like to visit that he hasn't traveled to, he replied "hiking on the Appalachian Trail."

He further added that both he and his girlfriend are about to embark on hiking through the 14 states in about a few weeks. Both Franco and his girlfriend are really excited about it and are raring for that.

However, Franco hasn’t revealed the name or any other details of his mysterious partner. But as per his interview, the duo seems to be relishing their relationship having a good time together traveling and enjoying themselves.

While explaining the definition of the word success in his own word, Franco added that “success is when he knows he is well prepared with any experience, which applies not just to his work but also his relationships and how he conducts himself on daily basis.”

He further said that he can love others unconditionally only when he loves himself. That happens only when one completely takes care of their both physical and mental wellbeing.

Likewise, Franco also hopes that their movie 14 Love letters inspires people to express their love for each other. Moreover, he also encouraged the viewers and his fans not to be afraid to tell the people they love that they have feelings for them.

Meanwhile, Franco was also rumored to be dating his 14 Love Letters co-star Vanessa Sears. But the duo are good friends in real life.

Franco Lo Presti Parents

Franco’s mother’s name is Ana Lo Presti and his father’s name is Carmelo Lo Presti. His grandfather was a professional soccer player for a brief stint before getting a terrible injury and being a cop.

His passion for soccer was passed down from his grandfather and his father. So, from a very young age, playing soccer and being a soccer player was his dream. But growing up, he also did a lot of mimicking and impersonations.

Throughout his youth, he played soccer

Franco’s mother always inspired him in the performing arts as a kid. She even put him in acting classes when he was just 12 years old. 

But Franco could not commit completely to acting due to his love for soccer. Even his acting coach told his parents that Franco can either choose acting or soccer, he can’t put 50% into both.

But soccer being his first love, he went to Italy and also had a trial with Toronto FC after his graduation. He got Osteoarthritis in his hip and that was devastating. He felt like he let his family down, his dream, his dad’s dream when he had to break the news about not being able to play anymore.

Then his mom said him to give him a shot at acting. After 10 months of attending a theatre program when he was in college in Rhode Island, his coach told him that he was ready to get an agent.

Talking about the siblings of Franco, he is said to have a younger sister named Stephanie.

Franco Lo Presti's Net Worth

Confronted with challenges in his athletic career, Franco finally decided to begin his acting journey. Active in the entertainment industry since 2018, Franco has performed in movies and TV shows such as Schitt’s Creek, Bad Blood, Christmas Catch, True Dating Stories, First Person, God’s Madmen, and 14 Love Letters.

As an active actor, Franco’s net worth is speculated to be around $1 million for now.

Short Wiki

  • Franco Lo Presti was born on 5 August 1990 in Ontario, Canada.

  • Franco holds Canadian nationality and comprises of white ethnicity. 

  • Franco attended the University of Rhode Island.

  • As for the height of Franco, he is 6 feet and 3 inches tall (190cm).