Who Is Kerry Titheradge's Girlfriend Ghönül Bihan?

Who Is Kerry Titheradge's Girlfriend Ghönül Bihan?
Kerry Titheradge with his girlfriend Ghönül Bihan (Credit: Kerry Titheradge/ Instagram)

As the new captain Kerry Titheradge has joined the Below Deck team, the season 11 viewers have been curious about him and his personal life.

Kerry shared a little background of his married life and relationship status during the season 11 premiere, which has garnered more interest in his love life.

As Kerry has opened up about his divorce and newfound love, let us help you find out more about his new partner, Ghönül Bihan.

Ghönül Bihan’s Age

Ghönül Bihan is younger than her boyfriend Kerry Titheradge.

Her exact age is not available at the moment but she is believed to be in her 30s.

She is from Turkey.

You can find Ghönül on Instagram with the username @gbihan1 but her account is private, as of writing.

Ghönül Bihan’s Job And Net Worth

Just like her partner Kerry, she also works on the ship. She is not a captain but a Chef Stew.

Ghönül worked as a chief stew on Below Deck Adventure in the past.

Her work as a chief stew was to take in charge of a team of people for the ship’s interior. Her job is responsible for everything from cleaning to food delivery and drink orders.

According to Zip Recruiter, the average salary of a Chief Stew is estimated to be $124,409 per year.

The salary ranges from $33,000 (low) to $200,500 (high) depending on various factors.

Talking about Ghönül Bihan’s net worth, it is estimated to be in the thousands of dollars. However, the exact figure of her earnings are not yet known.

Kerry Titheradge and Ghönül Bihan’s Dating Life

Kerry has been accompanied by Ghönül Bihan on the journey of life.

The duo worked together a few years ago when Ghönül Bihan was a chief stew on Kerry’s ship.

However, she quit her job a few months later because she didn’t like the way Kerry ran the boat.

As a destiny, the duo reconnected after Kerry got divorced in 2020. Since then, Ghönül has played a huge role in helping Kerry become a better person.

Kerry has joked that he thinks that Ghönül’s hearing and eyesight are getting bad as she thinks that Kerry is beautiful and wants to be with him.

Kerry Titheradge Family Picture

Ghönül doesn’t just have a good relationship with his partner but also with his children from his previous marriage.

She is seen spending time with Kerry’s son and daughter in the pictures shared by Kerry on his social media handles.

When Kerry gets free from his work, he likes to video chat with Ghönül, his kids, and their husky Benny. He also likes to practice Turkish and take self-development courses.

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Kerry Titheradge Ex-Wife And Children

While sharing a little background of his personal life in the Season 11 premiere, Kerry also talked about his previous marriage and divorce.

He was previously married to Jennifer.

Kerry was running a 300-foot yacht during the time his marriage ended so, he gave all up for his children.

He said that he was glad that he had the opportunity to be both dad and mom. Kerry explained,

"I was taught, you know, the mom's there to be the emotional support, [and] the dad's there to be the money and the disciplinarian. And when that happened, it gave me the opportunity to be there for them emotionally as well."

Kerry has often shared pictures with his kids on his Instagram. He shares pictures with his daughter with the caption DDW, which means “Daddy Daughter Wednesday.”

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