Lambert Wilson Wife, Partner, Son, Net Worth

Lambert Wilson Wife, Partner, Son, Net Worth
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Born to an actor, Lambert Wilson paved his way into the entertainment industry with his acting abilities.

He is the son of French film and television actor Georges Wilson and his wife Nicole Wilson.

Lambert is now best known for his roles as The Merovingian in The Matrix film series.

He has been active as an actor for more than four decades; however, his personal life and marital status are something that is not known by many.

Did you know that Lambert Wilson was married? Yes, you read that right!

Lambert was married in the past but is he still married to his wife? Let’s find it out!

Who Is Lambert Wilson’s Wife?

Lambert Wilson was married to American actress Diane Lane in the past.

The estranged husband and wife duo tied the wedding knot in October 1988. However, their marriage did not last more than 6 years.

Lambert and Diane divorced in 1994 and the reason behind their separation remains a mystery.

Following the split, Diane went on to marry Josh Brolin in 2004 but her marriage to Josh also ended in divorce in 2013.

Since then, Lambert has been private about his relationship and partner.

The privacy in his dating life has made people wonder “Is Lambert Wilson gay?.”

During an interview in 2016, Lambert talked about his sexuality and love life. He said that he was single and he had already accepted that he might never find the ideal person.

Lambert also talked about his sexuality when he was asked if he was equally attracted to men and women.

He explained that he is attracted to people and what interests him is love with a capital A.

He said,

"What interests me is love with a capital A. That's what interests me. The detail of sex isn't very interesting. I've loved women; I've loved by men. That's a detail."

Lambert reportedly came out as bisexual to French producer Marc-Oliver Fogiel.

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Lambert Wilson Kids

The Matrix star doesn’t have any children of his own. He talked about fatherhood in a 2021 interview saying that he almost became a dad but his desire to have children wasn’t strong.

Lambert wanted to start a family and to have children with just one woman. The children happened but without him.

Later in 2022, Lambert said that he is glad that he is not a father as he would hate to rush his kids into this world which is in the process of being damaged.

Lambert Wilson's Net Worth

The French actor Lambert Wilson has amassed a decent net worth from his acting career.

Lambert, who has been professionally acting since 1977, has an estimated net worth of $4 million in 2024.

He was recently seen in films like Benedetta (2021), The Matrix Resurrections (2021), and Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris (2022).

Lambert gave his voice to Jon in Star Wars: Visions in 2023.

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