CBS Jim Axelrod Wife, Family, Kids, Net Worth

CBS Jim Axelrod Wife, Family, Kids, Net Worth
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Jim Axelrod has been covering a wide range of domestic and international news for CBS News since joining the network in 1996.

The Peabody Award receiver Jim Axelrod is best known for his work in Eye on America as its chief correspondent and executive editor.

Jim is also known for reporting for CBS News Sunday Morning, CBS Mornings, and the CBS News Streaming Network.

Is Jim Axelrod Married?

Since Jim has been active in his professional career for many years, his career and progression are like an open book.

However, Jim Axelrod’s personal life is quite a mystery and not many know about his married life.

If you looking for Jim Axelrod’s personal life then you might also be curious about his wife.

Jim’s wife’s name is Christina Axelrod.

Christina has been living a pretty private life despite her husband’s fame as a journalist.

However, she was once profiled on the Oprah Winfrey Show back in 2003.

Jim was one of the 500 reporters who went to Iraq with the U.S. troops while his wife Christina waited for him.

When Christina was asked about how she felt to see her husband on the front line, she replied that it was pretty terrible.

Christina could not sleep at night fearing the worst; however, she was thankful for the privilege of talking to her husband on the phone.

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Jim Axelrod Children

When Jim was reporting in Iraq in 2003, his wife Christina was pregnant with their third baby.

During an interview with Early Show Correspondent Jon Frankel, Jim said that he and his wife are expecting their third child on June 9th.

During that time, their firstborn was 7 years old and their second child was 5 years old.

Jim has altogether three kids with his wife but the names and gender of their children are still a mystery.

The journalist likes to keep his family life under wraps so he hasn’t revealed much about his wife and children.

His wife’s professional background and her job are not known. Likewise, the information about what their children are doing now is unclear.

Jim Axelrod's Net Worth

The CBS News correspondent has made sure to keep his personal life away from his profession. However, his professional life and his achievements are overt.

Jim began his professional career with WVII-TV Bangor, Maine in 1989. Today, he is one of the household names in the field of journalism.

Jim has also been earning a decent salary as a chief correspondent and executive editor for CBS News.

His net worth as of 2024 is estimated to be in the range of $2 million to $5 million in 2024.

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