Who Is Chet Holmgren Dad? His Parents & Family Insights

Who Is Chet Holmgren Dad? His Parents & Family Insights
(Credit: Chet Holmgren/Instagram)

7-footer basketball player Chet Holmgren stands out for the combination of insane length and deadly outside-in game. Considered one of the people with the most unique talent by ESPN analyst Mike Schmitz, Chet has the ability to find success as a shooter and defend in transition.

No surprise here that Chet is viewed as the top draft-eligible prospect in NBA by some pundits. With that being said, Chet has been following the dream of his father to pursue a basketball career. So, here let’s have a look into Chet’s family life and his parents.

Who Are Chet Holmgren Parents?

Chet Holmgren is the son of David Holmgren aka Dave Holmgren and his wife Sarah Harris Holmgren. Standing tall at the height of 7 feet, Chet’s dad Dave is also a former basketball player. His dad played basketball for the University of Minnesota between the years 1984 and 1988 and has appeared in around 57 games.

Unfortunately, Dave’s bad knees limited his basketball career. However, Dave later not only passed down his love for basketball to his son Chet but also his formidable height to him. Chet stands tall at a height of 7 feet and 1 inch which is almost similar but an inch tall than his father’s height.

Chet was always tall for his age. Until high school, the long, lanky white dude Chet stood at the height of 6 feet and 2 inches but he grew almost 8 inches in the year before the 9th grade.

Growing up, Chet started playing basketball with a surplus of height but a shortage of skills. Due to this, Chet used to cry after every practice during the first week of his practice.

His dad Dave taught him some big-man fundamentals for the game at home. Eventually, with patience and hard work, Chet managed to develop parallel tracks necessary to be a finesse guard.

On the other hand, his mother is also said to be an athlete, who devoted her life to finding ways to have the private sector improve the community and enhance her real estate background.

No matter how much Chet’s ranking grew, his parents always expected him to be a kid, have responsibilities, and was expected to take out the trash, do the dishes, and mow the lawn.

Chet was among those children, who walked early and climbed everywhere. He was also very close with his elderly grandmother of his family and he used to fulfill her needs and attentively listen to her stories.

Chet Holmgren Siblings, Sisters

Moving on towards the siblings of Chet Holmgren, he has two sisters: an elder sister and a younger sister. His sisters are also athletic as his elder sister was a swimmer while his younger was a volleyball player. 

During one of the strings of Tweets, Chet revealed that one of his sisters is immunodeficient. However, Chet has never posted any family pictures nor has revealed the name of his sisters. Nevertheless, his father did make headlines in March 2022, after he was found with an old camcorder in one of Gonzaga games. According to the reports of Sports Illustrated, Chet’s dad used to bring and record his basketball moves back from when Chet was in sixth grade.

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