Is Squid Game Mai Whelan Married? Husband, Family

Is Squid Game Mai Whelan Married? Husband, Family
(Credit: Squid Game: The Challenge)

Mai Whelan is one of the top 3 players in Netflix’s Squid Game: The Challenge. She is player number 287 who is competing with Sam Lantz and Phill Cain for the hefty $4.56 million cash prize.

On her journey to become one of the finalists, she built several alliances and even tricked a few. However, Mai is known for her strong sense of right and wrong, loyalty and friendship.

Mai Whelan Relationship Status

While Mai is competing to win the cash prize in the reality show, her personal life has made many people curious.

Even though she has opened up about her childhood and how she left Vietnam during the fall of Vietnam in 1975, she has not revealed anything about her relationship status.

There are many speculations made on Mai’s relationship status. While some believe that Mai has been keeping her married life private, some believe that she has never been married.

Well, Mai hasn’t opened up about her husband in the show and she hasn’t revealed the name of her partner

Due to the privacy in Mai Whelan’s personal life, it’s unclear whether she is married or not.

However, stay connected with us to get updated on Mai Whelan’s husband in the future.

Mai Whelan Kids

Mai is 55 years old now. If she is married, she might have kids.

However, Mai has also not opened up about her children. It’s unclear whether she has any child or not.

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Mai Whelan Family

Despite all the privacy that Mai has maintained in her life, she has opened up about her early life and her near-death experience.

Mai was born in Vietnam but she migrated to the States with her family during the fall of Vietnam in 1975.

She recalled,

“I was born in Vietnam, and I left during the fall of Vietnam in 1975. I was eight years old. And I can remember that you know, going to the airfield where everybody, you know, all the refugees are laying down on the airfield. And being eight years old, I was, like, curious, so I had, you know, my head up, trying to see where’s the bombing coming from, or where the guns, you know, were shooting at.”

Mai continued,

““I just, a split second, I lift my head up. A soldier automatically, so quick, put the gun, you know, to my temple. And he was about to shoot me because, you know, he thought I was a threat. So my mother yanked me so hard to the ground. And in that split second, my life was, like, almost over. That is a moment where I would never, never forget. And that moment is like, you know, a driving moment for me to be strong.””

Mai Whelan hasn’t revealed the names of her parents. Likewise, it’s unclear whether she has any siblings or not.

Job And Net Worth

Mai Whelan has been working as an immigration adjudicator. According to Comparably, the salary of an immigration adjudicator in the United States is estimated to be around $57,158.

Mai’s net worth in 2023 is estimated to be in the thousands of dollars. If she wins the game, she will receive the prize money worth $4.56 million.

Mai is believed to be active on Instagram with the username @whelanmai and on Facebook with the name Mai Whelan.