Samantha Kenny Love Island Before And After Surgery

Samantha Kenny Love Island Before And After Surgery
Samantha Kenny before and after surgery picture in 2021 and 2024

Samantha Kenny has become the absolute favorite of most of the Love Island viewers. She is loved for her candidness and her game plan in the show.

Amidst all this, fans have been curious about her beauty schedule and whether she has had any plastic surgery or not.

Has Samantha Kenny Done Plastic Surgery?

Samantha’s appearance in season 11 of Love Island has increased excitement among the show’s fans.

Similarly, her beauty regime and fitness routine have intrigued her fans.

Samantha has been vocal about having cosmetic procedures before entering the villa.

Samantha, who is very proud of the glamour she brings to the show, has said that she keeps herself fit with regular exercise, loves skincare, and has had Botox.

She further explained that she gets Botox every couple of months and gets her lips done.

She gets it done at Christmas and redo it at the beginning of the summer. Samantha said,

"So, I've had my Botox done and I've had like a facial, switched up my skincare, but that's it really. I get my lips done, but these haven't been touched since Christmas. So other than that, I haven't really done much."

Samantha goes to the gym a lot which has been the reason behind her well-toned body.

Samantha Kenny Family

While Samantha has been bringing some glamour to the Love Island villa, her parents and her siblings have been showing their support for Samantha from their home.

Samantha’s sister April Jones talked about their opinion on Samantha’s romance with TOWIE star Joey Essex.

Samantha and Joey have an age difference of 7 years but Samantha’s family are rooting for them. They believe that she seems to be genuinely happy with the star.

Samantha’s sister April said that Joey has everything for Sam- he is "absolutely gorgeous and fun."

As Joey got Samantha’s family’s seal of approval, Samantha’s sister also talked about their parents.

Samantha’s mom and dad are following in her journey in Love Island but her dad is getting proof-watched because he is nervous about seeing her up to such antics in the villa.

While Mr. Kenny is getting the show proof watched beforehand, their mom Mrs. Kenny is fine with it.

The names of Samantha Kenny’s parents are not yet known. However, we do know that her sister April Jones is married to Jamie Jones.

April is the mother of two kids, she has a son named Oliver and a daughter named Rosie.

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Samantha Kenny's Job And Net Worth

Samantha Kenny is a makeup artist from Liverpool, England. She has said that she couldn’t find love because she has unsociable work hours in the salon.

Delving into her social media posts, she is also a model for clothing brands and jewelry companies.

She worked with Flo Fitness, which is a clothing band for everyday gym clothes. She was also seen featuring the jewelry from Say with it.

Samantha might have earned a decent net worth from her job; however, the exact figure of her earnings is not yet known.

With over 49.3K followers on her Instagram account, Samantha has collaborated with some brands. Her fame as a Love Island contestant will help her grow more in this field and earn a wonderful net worth.

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