Perfect Match Tolú Ekundare Age, Job, Parents, Net Worth

Perfect Match Tolú Ekundare Age, Job, Parents, Net Worth
Tolu Ekundare with her parents (Credit: Tolu Ekundare/ Instagram)

After winning Netflix’s The Trust: A Game of Greed, Tolu Ekundare is all set to compete in Perfect Match to find the Mr. Right for her.

Tolu who feels that she hasn’t found a guy worthy of her time and attention will go through challenges and elimination to get the ultimate prize i.e., love.

How Old Is Tolú Ekundare?

Tolu is 27 years old, as of writing. She was 26 years old when she participated in Netflix’s The Trust.

She celebrated her 27th birthday earlier this year in January. Tolu shared some pictures from her birthday celebration on her Instagram writing that she had the most amazing start to 27 with the most amazing people.

She further wrote that she is excited to see what this year has in store for her.

Tolú Ekundare Parents

Tolu Ekundare was born to Nigerian parents who are seldom seen on her Instagram posts.

In the new year 2024, she shared some pictures with her mom and dad wearing their traditional clothes.

Her mom was also seen in a get ready with me video in April 2024 where the mom and daughter duo got ready using beautiful church hats to go to the church.

Similarly, on Mother’s Day in May 2024, Tolu shared some pictures with her mom on Instagram.

She wished her mom Happy Mother’s Day by mentioning her as the woman who taught her love, strength, and kindness.

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Tolú Ekundare Job And Net Worth

Tolu is now active as a model and television personality but when she joined the cast of The Trust, she was working as a marketing manager.

She received much criticism during the finale of the show when she decided to remove $25,000 from the show’s vault.

Tolu said that she has to think about her parents as she is the last hope for her family. She added that nobody is going to look out for her at the end of the day so she decided to think about her and her family.

She took a whopping $73,600 home in the season's finale after betraying her fellow players. Tolu’s net worth is now estimated to be in thousands of dollars.

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