Is Squid Game Phill Cain Dating? Girlfriend, Parents, Net Worth

Is Squid Game Phill Cain Dating? Girlfriend, Parents, Net Worth
Phill Cain and his girlfriend Mac Abraham (Credit: Mac Abraham/ Instagram)

Phill Cain is one of the most loved players in Netflix’s reality competition Squid Game: The Challenge.

He is the calmest yet smartest contender competing for the whooping $4.56 million along with Sam Lantz (Player 016) and Mai Whelan (Player 287).

Phill’s participation as player no 451 in the Netflix reality show has grabbed people’s interest in his personal life; especially his relationship status.

Let’s find out about his dating life and his family in the content below.

Phill Cain Girlfriend

Since Phill is a popular player to watch in Squid Game, his personal life is something that has grabbed huge public interest.

Does Phill Cain have a girlfriend and is Phill Cain dating are some of the queries that people are curious about Phill Cain’s love life.

Well, Phill is in a blissful relationship with his girlfriend, Mac Abraham. Mac is a Mental Health Worker.

Phill Cain Girlfriend Mac Abraham

She graduated from New York University with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology.

Mac worked several part-time jobs as a Barista before she worked as a mental health worker.

According to her LinkedIn, she previously worked at Starbucks for around a year.

Mac is currently working as a Psychology Editorial Intern at W. W. Norton & Company, Inc. She is also a part-time Mental Health Worker at Care Plus NJ since June 2023.

Phill and Mac began dating in May 2022. Their shared interest in quadball seems to have brought them closer.

They often display their athleticism and their love for the sport on their social media handle.

Likewise, Phill and his partner-in-crime Mac have been giving insights into their relationship through their Instagram posts.

Earlier this year in May, the lovebirds celebrated their 1 year of togetherness by sharing pictures of each other with sweet captions on their respective accounts.

Phill shared a carousel featuring pictures with his girlfriend with the caption, “1 year of being the cheese to ur mac :)”

Similarly, Mac captioned the picture writing, “one year of hijinks and love and a lot of laughter.”

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Phill Cain Family, Parents

While Phill Cain has been giving glimpses of his dating life on Instagram quite often, he has occasionally shared posts related to his family.

Phill shared some pictures with his dad on Instagram in March 2020 from their Colorado ski trip. He often mentions his dad as Papa Cain.

His father’s name is Jeffrey Cain aka Jeff Cain. He works at Siemens Energy, Inc. as the Head of Treasury & Corporate Finance/ Project and Export Finance Americas.

Phill Cain Father

As for Phill Cain’s mom, her name is Sandra Cain.

Phill’s sister Stephanie Cain, whom he calls Stove, is often seen on his posts. In June 2023, Stephanie graduated with Architecture and Environmental Design from the California Polytechnic State University.

His sister Steph currently works at the Gravity Vault.

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Job And Net Worth

Phill Cain is a scuba instructor by profession and is also a musician. The Squid Game player, who is also a member of a band, can play four instruments.

Phill is a quadball gold medalist and has opened up about his desire to donate a chunk of the prize money to ocean conservation if he wins the game.

According to, A Scuba Driving Instructor makes around $50,863 per year in the United States. The salary ranges from $46,557 to $56,086.

Likewise, Phill Cain’s net worth is estimated to be more than $500 thousand now. If he wins the game, he will win the cash prize worth $4.56 million.