Sade Baderinwa Father, Mother, Partner, Net Worth

Sade Baderinwa Father, Mother, Partner, Net Worth
(Credit: Sade Baderinwa/ Instagram)

You might have seen Sade Baderinwa on your television screen quite often. She is a regular face of WABC-TV as an anchor for Eyewitness News.

Sade has been active in her profession for more than two decades and her fame as a journalist has grabbed people’s interest in her personal life.

In this regard, let us help you find out about Sade Baderinwa’s family, her early life, and many more here.

Sade Baderinwa’s Father

The Eyewitness News anchor Sade Baderinwa might be a private person but she has revealed some information about her dad.

Sade was born to a Nigerian father whose name remains a mystery to date.

She has not revealed her father’s name and his professional background.

However, Sade has said that her father returned to Africa when she was very young.

He left her in the custody of a family friend when he decided to go to Africa.

Sade Baderinwa’s Mother

Sade’s dad returned to Africa when Sade’s mom no longer took part in Sade’s life.

Her mother is German and her name is unknown, as of writing.

When Sade was left by her parents, she was adopted by WBAL-TV anchor Edie House in Baltimore.

Meanwhile, her birth mother returned to her life. Sade’s mother started to live in nearby Montgomery County with her family and took Sade to live with her.

Since then, Sade kept in touch with both her adoptive parents and biological parents.

Although Sade has revealed about her mom and dad, she has not shared their pictures on any social media platforms.

Sade’s parents have opted for a private life despite their daughter’s fame as a journalist.

Does Sade Baderinwa Have Siblings?

Sade Baderinwa’s parents moved on in their respective lives when Sade was very young.

She was even left in the custody of a family friend but while opening up about this, she did not mention her siblings.

Sade has never gushed about her brother and sister but since she mentioned that her mother moved to Montgomery County with her family, she might have half-siblings.

However, there is no information about the children from her mother’s side.

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Is Sade Baderinwa Married (2024)?

Sade Baderinwa is one of the journalists who have kept her married life inside a closed box.

It is not clear whether Sade is married or not as she has not divulged any details regarding her wedding.

‘Who is Sade Baderinwa’s husband?’ is one of the many questions regarding Sade’s personal life that has intrigued her fans.

Amidst various speculation regarding her love life, Sade has kept the details of her partner under wraps.

Sade Baderinwa Net Worth

Sade has successfully marked her place in her career, which has helped her earn both fame and fortune.

She has earned a decent net worth from her career, which is estimated to be more than $1.5 million in 2024.

The average base salary of an employee at Eyewitness News is estimated to be around $91,989.

The salary depends on various factors and ranges from $80,886 and $104,099.

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