Who Are ABC Whit Johnson's Mother And Father?

Who Are ABC Whit Johnson's Mother And Father?
Whit Johnson with his mom, Sharon Edell (Credit: Whit Johnson/ Instagram)

Whit Johnson, who is popular as the ABC News Anchor, has been appearing on our television screens as the anchor for World News Tonight Saturdays and co-anchor for Good Morning America.

Similarly, he has been giving insights into his family life occasionally whether through his interviews or his social media posts.

If you have followed Whit then you might be acquainted with Whit Johnson mother and might also know his family history.

If not, here is all that you might want to know about Whit Johnson’s parents, wife, and children.

Whit Johnson Mom

His mother’s name is Sharon Edell. She is often seen on Whit’s Instagram handle and is active on Instagram with the username @edellsharon.

Whit also mentions his mom in his interviews.

His parents have already divorced and his dad is married to Leslie Friedman Johnson.

Whit is also very close to his stepmom Leslie.

He wishes both his mom and stepmom every year on Mother’s Day.

Back in 2021, Whit shared an old picture with his mom, a picture with his stepmom, and a picture of his wife and daughters on Instagram, wishing three ladies Mother’s Day.

Likewise, he has shared many pictures with his mom on social media on various occasions.

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Whit Johnson Dad

His father’s name is Steve Johnson. Steve was adopted in 1950 in Salt Lake City but when Whit took a DNA test, he came to know that he was related to Vincent Price.

Later, he knew that he had a cousin named Barret Price who also had an interest in journalism.

Whit Johnson Father

Steve knew that he was adopted but he never wanted to know about his biological parents. His dad did not want to offend his adopted parents as they were very important to him.

Over the years, Whit and his mom always had a curiosity about his ethnicity, nationality, and regional background.

So, Whit’s mom convinced him to take a test on 23andMe. Whit eventually found his dad’s brothers and came to know that they shared the same mother but different fathers.

In this way, he also came to know that he was related to Hollywood Icon Vincent Price.

He even saw some of Vincent’s personal belongings like his awards, paintings, scripts, and costumes.

Whit has often expressed his love for his parents and has revealed that he is grateful for his dad’s example that he strives to follow in his life.

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Whit Johnson’s Wife

Whit has been married to Andrea Guji, who is also a journalist by profession.

Andrea is a correspondent and anchor at ABC News. She describes herself as a part-time journalist and full-time mom and wife.

Whit’s wife Andrea is also a licensed attorney.

Together, the couple has two children- two daughters named Leah Johnson and Summer Johnson.

Leah was born on 15 May 2012 while Summer was born on 26 July 2014.

The family of four currently resides in New York with their rescue dog Copper.