Nick Sirianni Family, Wife, Children, Net Worth

Nick Sirianni Family, Wife, Children, Net Worth
(Credit: Nick Sirianni/ Instagram)

Nick Sirianni is one of the youngest and most successful head coaches of the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Philadelphia Eagles head coach, Nick Sirianni, has gained attention for his team's accomplishments on the field as well as his strangeness and use of old metaphors.

Since he has had so much success in his brief tenure as the Eagles coach, some fans are now curious about his personal life and the woman he is married to.

Childhood and Wiki

Nick Sirianni, a Jamestown, New York local person, grew up next to the New York–Pennsylvania border, He was born on June 15th, 1981, which makes his age 42 in 2023.

Nick Sirianni has always been a sports enthusiast because his family has a sporting background.

In West Ellicott, New York, his father, Fran Sirianni, was a coach at Southwestern Central High School. He was a coach for 45 years.

Nick's father was therefore a great instructor who helped him choose a challenging and rewarding path, and he taught Nick a lot of things.

Both of his older brothers are coaches and one of them is a member of the Chautauqua Sports Hall of Fame.

He attended Jamestown, New York's Southwestern Central High School, where he eventually graduated in 1999. He then went to Mount Union University for further education.

Nick Sirianni Parents

The story of the Sirianni family has had a significant role in the parents' faith. According to some reports, Fran Sirianni is from Kane, Pennsylvania, while Sirianni's mother, Amy Wladyka Sirianni, is from Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania, a neighborhood of Pittsburgh.

The ideal love relationship is between his father and mother. His parents met wheth they were both students at Clarion State.

Fran Sirianni played football at the school. They were initially close friends, but as they got to know one another better over time and got to know their personalities, daily routines, and emotions for one another, their friendship blossomed into a marriage.

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According to some sources, they got married after graduating and eventually moved to New York. His father then launched a coaching business there. He was a coach at Southwestern Central High School.

Sirianni had always positive words toward his parents. He said that he is proud to have wonderful parents who raised him and gave him parental support.

Nick Sirianni with his father and mother

His father has beaten cancer multiple times. When Sirianni was just three years old, his father was diagnosed with cancer, and four years later, he once more fought cancer.

It always came back but his father was never hopeless. He claimed that his father served as a source of motivation, teaching him the value of never backing down from a challenge when faced with difficulty and the need to maintain a positive outlook.

He added that his father was able to fight through every problem and difficulty. That's a different type of mental toughness that he was raised with by his dad.

Nick Sirianni Siblings

Nick Sirianni has two older brothers, Mike Sirianni, and Jay Sirianni.

His both older brothers attended Southwestern Central High School, and both participated in their father's high school football team.

All three Sirianni brothers played Division III collegiate football at Mount Union.

Jay and Mike Sirianni pursued coaching careers after following in their father's footsteps. Mike serves as a coach in Washington & Jefferson.

Their other brother, Jay Sirianni, coached football for a while at Southwestern Central High School.

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Is Nick Sirianni Married?

Nick Sirianni is a married guy. Nick Sirianni and his wife Brett Ashley Cantwell Sirianni married in 2013, ten years ago.

Nick and his wife Brett's love story began when they were at the Kansas City apartment building.

Both of them lived there and started to connect after getting to know each other. His wife Brett stated that they frequently met each other at their apartment building

Nick Sirianni with his wife Brett

They have opened that Sirianni was coaching with the Chiefs at the time and that his future wife was a teacher when they first knew about each other.

The wife of the NFL coach is a private person. She makes an effort to avoid the spotlight and has no publicly accessible social media accounts.

His wife said in an interview that during their early days, she had not noticed Nick although they lived in the same apartment. But since Nick had a crush on her, he remembered her.

In those days she worked with the Chiefs and he was like she didn’t give a damn.

One of three kids and a native of Springfield, Missouri, Brett Sirianni has Chiefs supporters in her family.

They got hitched in Kansas City before relocating to San Diego, where he accepted a position with the Chargers, per The Athletic.

Regarding her relocation from her home state of Missouri to California, Brett Sirianni said to, "I was from Missouri and had never moved out of Missouri. I came to my senses and understood that I was in the most stunning location imaginable, but it was a little challenging because he works constantly.

Nick Sirianni with his wife Brett and children

When asked about his relationship with Kansas City, Nick Sirianni told The Athletic, "Obviously, I met my wife there, so that will always be a significant location to us. Then I spent my first professional season in the NFL. It was crucial in both directions. The city of Kansas City is fantastic. That city will always hold a particular place in my heart when I think back on something as meaningful as meeting my wife there in that city, place, and period.

When her husband's job necessitated it, Cantwell was forced to quit both her teaching position and the state of Missouri.

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On the field, Nick Sirianni may be a fearsome coach, but at home, he is just an average father. The head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles and his wife, Brett Ashley Cantwell, have three children together: Jacob, age 7, Taylor, age 5, and Miles, age 2.

At press conferences after Eagles games, his kids have frequently made appearances with their father, occasionally stealing the show.

While serving as the head coach of the San Diego Chargers in 2015, Sirianni gave birth to his first child, Jacob Sirianni. He stated that he doesn't want to push Jacob toward sports in the same interview.

After two years the pair welcomed their daughter, Taylor Sirianni. Miles Sirianni, Sirianni's youngest kid, was born in 2020, just one year before he was appointed the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Career in Coaching

At his alma mater, Mount Union, Nick Sirianni began his career in coaching while working as a defensive backs coach. He afterward advanced to IUP (2006-2008).

He entered the NFL in 2009 and began working for the Kansas City Chiefs as an offensive quality control coach. Between those years, he advanced from wide receiver coach to assistant quarterback coach (2009-2012).

He moved to the San Diego Chargers in 2013 as the offensive quality control coach. From 2014 to 2015, he served as the quarterback coach before becoming the wide receiver coach (2016-17).

He accepted the position of offensive coordinator with the Indianapolis Colts in 2018. He was appointed the Philadelphia Eagles' new head coach on January 21, 2021.

Sirianni is now the ninth-youngest head coach in the NFL, despite the possibility of becoming one of the youngest head coaches to win a Super Bowl.

To start his time in Philadelphia, Sirianni had consecutive winning seasons and made the playoffs each year.

There is precedent for Sirianni to succeed this month because Doug Pederson won a Super Bowl in his second season with the Eagles and his second season overall as a head coach.

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Net Worth

Coach Nick Sirianni's luckiest year was 2021 after he was given the highly anticipated job of head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles at the start of the year.

Except for the financial terms of the deal, everything is open. At the Philadelphia Eagles, his salary is hidden by sunglasses.

Although Sirianni's contract was not made public, there were some broad earnings estimates made at the time of his signing with the Eagles.

The typical NFL head coaching compensation, according to the source, is between $6 million and $7 million, but it can reach $10 million.

Therefore, Sirianni's pay might at least seven figures. It would imply that he will have earned between $30 million and $35 million by the end of the contract's length.

Given the deal's structure and the fact that Sirianni is still only in the second of his five years, the total amount paid thus far is probably between $12 and $14 million.

Early in his career, Sirianni worked for several NFL clubs as a wide receiver coach, quarterback coach, and offensive quality control, making a substantial salary.

Given how young he is in his head coaching career, Sirianni's net worth has not yet risen to the pinnacles of the NFL.

Sirianni is said to have a net worth of $4 million. The Eagles coach reportedly paid $2.3 million for a house in Moorestown, New Jersey, which is roughly a 30-minute drive from Lincoln Financial Field.

Body Dimensions

This football coach weighs about 88 kilograms and is 6 feet 1 inch tall.

Additionally, Nick has brown hair and dark brown eyes; nothing else is known about his other physical characteristics.