American Idol Mackenzie Sol Parents |Mother And Father

American Idol Mackenzie Sol Parents |Mother And Father
(Credit: Mackenzie Sol/ Instagram)

The American Idol contestant Mackenzie Sol received all three standing ovations during the season 22 auditions and a golden ticket to Hollywood.

Mackenzie will now be able to pursue his dream to become a singer.

Did you know that his mom has a huge role in where Mackenzie is today?

While Mackenzie is on his way to winning the title of American Idol season 22, he has already made a name for himself as a prankster on TikTok.

He is a content creator who has made many videos on TikTok and Instagram.

Mackenzie Sol Mom

Mackenzie’s social media posts often feature his mom, Nicki.

Nicki was also seen surprising her son during the American Idol auditions.

As the singer was expressing his love and gratitude to his mom on camera, she surprised her son on the set making everyone emotional.

During the auditions, Mackenzie revealed that he loves his mom a lot. She is his greatest supporter who has given up her whole life for her son’s dream.

His mom Nicki is also a singer who has always motivated Mackenzie to do better in life.

Like her son, she is also a content creator and is on Instagram with over 127k followers.

Mackenzie Sol Dad

Mackenzie was born to singer parents. Not just his mom but his dad George is also a singer.

His parents Nicki and George do not live together.

Mackenzie currently lives with his mom and stepdad David Hileman in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mackenzie Sol Parents

He opened up about his mom’s wedding during the audition saying that his mom recently got married.

Nicki is often seen posting pictures with her husband David on her social media accounts. Her husband David also supports Mackenzie in his career.

Mackenzie is blessed to have a very supportive family.

Mackenzie Sol Siblings

He seems to be a single child of his parents. Mackenzie hasn’t talked about having a brother or sister.

Likewise, Mackenzie hasn’t talked about his half-siblings.

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Who Is Mackenzie Sol’s Girlfriend?

People have been curious about Mackenzie Sol’s dating life ever since he appeared on the American Idol auditions.

However, his relationship status is a little baffling.

Some believe that Mackenzie is dating American dancer Hannah Colin while some believe that they are just friends.

Mackenzie and Hannah’s budding romance came to light after they were seen flirting on social media.

The duo even shared pictures and videos with each other on social media, which added fuel to their dating rumors.

However, they haven’t commented on the rumors of them dating.

In this regard, stay connected with us to get updated on Mackenzie Sol’s relationship status.

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