Niloofar Adili (Glenn Kirschner’s Wife) Bio, Age, Married Life, Husband, Children, Net Worth

Niloofar Adili (Glenn Kirschner’s Wife) Bio, Age, Married Life, Husband, Children, Net Worth
Niloofar Adili (Credit: Niloofar Adili/ Instagram)

Niloofar Adili is popular as the wife of American attorney Glenn Kirschner. She is also an attorney by profession who has been working in this field for over 30 years and has solved various cases and issues.

More specifically, Niloofar is a career immigration attorney. She and her husband are often seen working together and raising public awareness campaigns as a team.

Early Life 

Niloofar Adili was born on July 12 in America and her zodiac sign is Cancer. She has spent all her life in America with her parents.

As she is a very private person not much information about her family and parents is out in the media. Not only that, even her birth year is not mentioned anywhere out. But when it comes to her age, Niloofar is believed to be in her fifties.

Niloofar Adili and her husband Glenn celebrating her birthday.

She was a studious child always focused on her studies and life ahead. After her high school graduation, she decided to join college taking courses in Law.

She attended the University of Richmond School of Law and earned a degree in Psychology from the University of Virginia in 1990.

Career Wiki

Niloofar Adili was always interested in working as a lawyer. Thus, she became an attorney for career immigration making her dream come true.

She has been working at the Law Offices of Niloofar Adili since 2000. She is also associated with Potomac Law Group, PLLC since 2013.

So far in her career, she has solved and worked on various cases. Her job is to solve issues causing hindrances pertaining to a temporary visa, work permits visa refusal, etc.

Niloofar Adili and her husband Glenn on Justice Campaign.

She is excellent at her work and knows how to speak 4 different languages which makes it easy for her to communicate with her clients from different regions.

She can be seen involved in all those campaigns her husband and their team have. As per her husband's Twitter post, she is so smart and intelligent yet so down to earth as she helped all those people having trouble with QR scans while traveling to Mexico. She loves helping others and volunteering for people.

Married Life: Husband And Children

Niloofar Adili is married to none other than the famous attorney in America, Glenn Kirschner. As Niloofar and Gleen are around of age 55-62  and their marriage has already crossed over three decades.

The couple is blessed with six children: five daughters and a son. They are Kate, Molly, Megan, Evan, Kelly, and Kian. Not only they are parents but also grandparents because Niloofar and Glenn's eldest daughter have a beautiful baby girl. They are grandparents to Paz.

How Niloofar and Gleen met and tied the knot is still unknown because they try and keep their personal life under the spotlight but as they are from the same working background we can assume either it's a high school romance or it's a work romance turned into a successful marriage.

She has a private Instagram but we can see her active on Twitter most of the time.

Niloofar and Glenn also have dogs in their family.

Even after spending half of their life together the attorney couple is still in very much love with each other as Glenn keeps on posting stuff appreciating his wife and how he got to be so lucky to have her.

It is a treat to watch them and get awe-struck. They have set the bar of marriage so high it's not going to be easy for everyone to live up to them.

Niloofar Adili with her granddaughter.

Net Worth

The beautiful American attorney Niloofar has been active in her field for a long period of time as of now and earns a decent amount of salary every month. It makes her total net worth around $1 million or plus. She and her husband have invested in different properties and are living quite a luxurious life.

Likewise, her husband Glenn Kirschner's net worth in 2023 is estimated to be more than $5 million.