Is Malik Yoba Dating Now After Divorce From His Ex-Wife?

Is Malik Yoba Dating Now After Divorce From His Ex-Wife?
(Credit: Malik Yoba/ Instagram)

The American actor Malik Yoba has played various roles on-screen from lover to husband and from son to father.

However, his real-life relationship status might be a mystery to many. Malik was married in the past but his married life with his wife ended not long after the wedding.

But does Malik have someone special in his life? Has he found love again? Let us help you to find the answer to this question.

Malik Yoba's Married Life With Ex-Wife

Malik was married to former actress and model Cat Wilson in the past. Their relationship came to light after the news of their married life started to surface.

The estranged pair reportedly tied the wedding knot in 2007. It is not clear how long they were together before they decided to get married.

However, their married life ended just three years after the wedding. Malik broke the news of his separation saying that Cat decided to end their relationship.

Speaking about their separation, Mailk said that it was his wife’s decision to end the marriage

Malik doesn’t have any kids with his former wife Cat. However, Malik has three kids from his previous relationship.

He got a phone call from his wife and she said that they should be separated. The duo parted ways after being married for three-and-a-half years.

In between this time, Malik had no children with his ex-wife Cat.

Cat, a former actress and model, is known for her works in ‘Genre This’ and ‘A Real Black Horror.’

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Is Malik Yoba Dating Now?

Being a celebrity, Malik has been linked with several women in the past but his statement about trans women in 2019 grabbed more attention.

Malik shared a lengthy Instagram post in August 2019 featuring a video of a man defending his transgender girlfriend while being taunted by a group of people.

He further revealed that he is attracted to trans women. His former partner Terry Vega, who goes by the username @terry1andonly, commented on the post showing her support and confirming his trans relationship.

She also slammed him for not opening up about his sexuality to their kids.  She wrote,

“I expressed that 2 months ago to you when I became aware of your current trans relationship,” she continued in her comment. “Why did you NOT have a conversation with our children and wait till last night to text our 1st born with this info. Yet you were preparing your Public months ago on IG! Our children support you and keep so much a secret of what really goes down with our family dynamic. I asked to meet you over a month ago and you have yet to make time. So here I am !! If you know better then do better! Family is first over ALL.”

Meanwhile, Malik was rumored to be gay but he confirmed that he is heterosexual.

Since then, Malik has not spilled any beans regarding his personal life. His dating life has been a mystery as the actor has shrouded the details of his possible partner in secrecy.

He has not opened up about his girlfriend or relationship status in any of his interviews and neither has given any hint about it on his social media.

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How Many Children Does Malik Yoba Have?

Malik Yoba has three children from his previous relationships. He has two daughters named Pria Yoba and Dena Yoba and a son named Josiah Yoba.

Malik was previously in a relationship with Trisha Mann with whom he welcomed their daughter Dena.

Similarly, he welcomed son Josiah and daughter Pria with his ex-partner Terry Vega.

Malik is pretty close with his daughter Dena and is often seen sharing pictures with her on his Instagram.

Dena is an artist based in New York.

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