American Idol Noah Peters Wife, Kids, Family

American Idol Noah Peters Wife, Kids, Family
(Credit: Noah Peters/ Instagram)

You might have seen Noah Peters on TikTok as “The Singing Barber.” He sings while cutting hair and shares the videos on his social media platform.

Noah, who wants to do music full-time in the next five to ten years, has auditioned for season 22 of American Idol.

He stunned the judges with his singing abilities and also trimmed Colin Stough’s hair while singing.

Singing runs in Noah’s blood. Every member of his family loves to sing.

Let’s find out more about Noah’s family and his relationship status.

Is Noah Peters Married?

Noah is not married, as of February 2024. However, the wedding is in the cards for Noah and his fiancée, Krista Endicott.

His wife-to-be Krista is often seen on Noah’s social media handles. She is seen singing along with Noah in most of his TikTok videos.

Similarly, the duo has been giving glimpses of their relationship through their social media posts.

Noah Peters Wife

Noah proposed to Krista for marriage in December 2023. He shared a video of the proposal on his TikTok where he went down on one knee and proposed to Krista for marriage.

Krista was seen elated as she carried her son in her arms when her partner proposed to her.

The duo is set to get married on May 11, 2024.

This will be the second marriage for Noah as he was married in the past.

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Noah Peters First Wife

He was previously married to Kailee Peters who died of cancer just three months after their wedding.

Noah talked about his married life with Kailee during an interview with Storytellers of Appalachia. He said,

“Marriage was perfect, and I made a lot of mistakes that I had to learn from, and she had a whole lot of forgiveness in her. Through our relationship and our marriage, everybody goes through things, but I never expected to lose her, and so my inspiration now is to just do it with everything in me.”

He further said that losing his wife taught him that life is short so we need to forgive people, learn from mistakes and keep going.

Noah met his then-wife when he moved to Grundy from the Chattanooga, Tennessee area.

He knew that he was going to marry her the day he met her.

When Kailee was struggling with cancer, she made Noah make a promise to open his barbershop someday.

Noah opened his barbershop in October 2021 to keep that promise.

As he wanted to become a singer his whole life, he ran his barbershop with a twist i.e., singing for his customers.

According to Noah, he has become a different person than he was when he was married.

As he is embarking on his new journey in American Idol, his current partner Krista has been his greatest supporter.

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Noah Peters Children

Noah doesn’t have any kids with his late wife. Likewise, he doesn’t have any with his wife-to-be Krista.

However, he is parenting Krista’s son Kyzer from her previous relationship.

Krista was five months pregnant when the duo met but they both had no idea about her pregnancy.

Later, Krista gave birth to her son Kyzer Madyx Endicott in September 2022.

Kyzer is raised by Krista and her husband-to-be Noah.

Noah Peters Parents

His father’s name is David Peters. According to David, singing is a tradition in the Peters family.

He says that he would rather sing with his family than eat.

Noah has a brother named Daniel Peters who also loves singing.

The Peters brothers sang gospel songs and had singing battles when they were kids.

Noah says that he has been singing his whole life. His mom said that he would just hum to sleep even before he could talk.

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