How Many Children Does Tammy Fritz Have?

How Many Children Does Tammy Fritz Have?
Tammy Fritz with her son Christian Fritz (Credit: Netflix)

Netflix’s true-crime series Worst Roommate Ever’s season 2 has reached the top on Netflix’s top ten shows list.

This show with over the span of four episodes has become an absolute must-watch.

It also delves into the crime committed by Tammy Fritz and how she attempted to murder her husband’s friend for insurance.

She has also committed credit card fraud, identity theft, and check fraud.

Tammy Fritz Husband

Tammy was married to Richard Fritz Jr. aka Rich Fritz. The duo got married in the year 1994 after a brief courtship.

However, their marriage had many ongoing troubles because of which they were even planning for divorce.

But before Tammy and Rich could end their marriage legally, Rich passed away on June 18, 2001, due to acute strep throat.

Tammy Fritz Kids

Tammy has only one child, a son named Christian Fritz. Following the demise of her husband, she was left with their son Christian to live alone.

Meanwhile, they met James “Bo” Bowden who became Rich’s friend after they met in Fort Carson, Colorado.

Bowden and Richard became friends within no time and Bowden even used to respect Rich for his love for family.

What Happened To James “Bo” Bowden?

Bowden moved in with Tammy’s family in December 2001 but little did he know that his stay in the house with Tammy would be dangerous.

Tammy was like a sister to Bowden and he even had a good relationship with Tammy’s son Christian.

She was very helpful to Bowden in terms of finances and even kept his important documents inside her fireproof safe.

Four years after living together, in August 2004, Tammy and Bowden were once drinking together. As the duo was drinking away their trouble, Bowden started to feel that he was way too drunk.

He even realized that the level of intoxication didn’t match the amount of alcohol he had. Bowden even had to go to the hospital but he still did not have any suspicion that something was fishy.

A year later, Bowden experienced something similar again. He drank with Tammy and passed out but when he woke up, he smelled strong smoke in his room.

Bowden, who successfully managed to escape from the room, decided to move out of the place and maintain a distance from Tammy.

Bowden believed that his drinking was out of control so he decided to return to Alaska with his parents. But when he shared this news with Tammy, she was furious and even ranted about it in front of Christian.

Bowden went to Tammy to say farewell on August 3, 2009, and this could have been the day for him to die.

The next day, Tammy and Christian were supposed to take Bowden to the airport but Tammy had some other plans.

She hired her friends Michelle Heaston and Sean Lagoe to murder Bowden. Tammy already had named herself as the sole beneficiary and taken out a life insurance policy on James.

Bowden was left severely battered in his room the next morning and he even suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Thankfully, Tammy’s conspiracy did not work out and he was alive.

Tammy’s son Christian has said that he went over to Bowden’s house with his mom. They were in the car when Tammy began making calls and Bowden didn’t answer.

Christian recalled the incident saying that it was very strange.

Following the incident, Tammy was sentenced to 48 years in prison. Christian is still in contact with his mom but he has maintained a distance with her for his safety.

Tammy is now even linked with her husband Richard’s death.

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Tammy Fritz Job

Tammy was said to be working in a construction company in the past. Her employer fired her for misappropriating funds.

In the year 2009, she was being investigated for identity theft, check fraud, and credit card fraud.


How Old Is Tammy Fritz?

Tammy Fritz is 58 years old in 2024. She was reportedly born in 1966 in Colorado Springs, United States.

Who Was Tammy Fritz’s Husband?

Tammy Fritz’s husband was Rich Fritz (full name Richard Fritz) with whom she was married from 1994 to 2001, until his demise. Rich died of acute strep throat on June 18, 2001.

Who Is Tammy Fritz’s Son?

Tammy Fritz’s son is Christian Fritz. He is the only child of Tammy Fritz and Rich Fritz.

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